Glass Head Pins 1-3/16in | 80 Pins

Designer: Bohin

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The little box of Murano glass head pins is back with a new assortment in the colors of the rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple: a bright assortment for those who love colors! Made in our workshops in Normandy in Saint-Sulpice-sur-Risle, these exta-fine pins came to life on old machines, under the careful eyes of Sylvie, pin-maker at BOHIN France. Why choosing glass head pins? The density colors of the Murano glass are visible on fabrics, the ball protects the fibers of the fabric and, above all, the glass will not melt while ironing! Size 1-1/4in - 0.60mm 80 pins

  • Made of: Metal and Glass
  • Use: Pinks
  • Size: 6.5cm x 14cm x 1.5cm
  • Included: 80 pins
  • Pre-washing fabric will result in shrinkage, some cotton fabrics can shrink up to 1%-3%, some cotton blends and wovens may shrink even more. Please take this in to account how much you need for your project based on your preferences.

    We recommend to hand wash fabric with mild, bleach free detergent and hang dry to minimize bleeding colors and shrinkage in your final product.

    When machine washing: Wash on a gentle cold water cycle with like colors. Also recommend a color catcher to help minimize bleeding colors.

    Tumble dry on low heat.